15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Won’t Find in an Encyclopedia

6. An aspen grove is the heaviest organism in the world.

Pando is an aspen colony that has grown by cloning itself. It weighs approximately 6,600 tons and covers 108 acres. This makes it the heaviest known organism. It is assumed that the colony is around several thousand years old.

7. Sharks are millions of years older than trees.

Trees, in their modern form, appeared about 360 million years ago. Finds with shark scales indicate that they’ve existed for about 420 million years. That is, the age difference between trees and sharks could be as much as 60 million years.

8. Babies don’t have kneecaps.

Instead of kneecaps, babies have pieces of cartilage. It helps them to crawl with no discomfort and adapt easier to walking. This cartilage develops into a kneecap with age and by 12 years old, it turns entirely into bone.

9. Moths remember when they were caterpillars.

Scientists found that moths can save memories and experiences they had while being a caterpillar. And it influences their adulthood. This probably happens because some brain parts don’t change during the transformation from caterpillar to moth.

10. A giant octopus can squeeze itself through a hole.

Octopuses don’t have a skeleton and most of their body is made up of soft tissue. This allows them to change their shape and lengthen in every possible way. Therefore, even a 600-pound octopus has no difficulty squeezing into a hole that is only a quarter of its body size.

11. Saudi Arabia buys camels and sand from Australia.

It may seem strange because Saudi Arabia has lots of sand and camels. But in fact, all their camels are domesticated and they buy wild ones from Australia for meat. They also get special Australian sand for construction because it has unique qualities.

12. Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins.

Both sloths and dolphins can hold their breath by slowing their digestion and heart rate. However, sloths can survive underwater for up to 40 minutes (without air). While for dolphins this usually only lasts for up to 15 minutes maximum.

13. Playing Tetris can prevent PTSD.

Research has shown that Tetris can help reduce negative memories. People who played the game after a crash had fewer traumatic flashbacks. By the way, Tetris also helps develop cognitive abilities if you play it every day for half an hour.

14. A lack of fur makes sheep fight.

When sheep are sheared, they don’t recognize each other because they look and smell different. And they start fighting for dominance. Though they have a good memory and can remember faces for years.

15. Metal door knobs can disinfect themselves.

Brass and copper door knobs inhibit the growth of bacteria due to the metal ions. The only difference is that brass disinfects itself in 8 hours while copper does it in 4 hours. It happens because brass is an alloy that contains copper and needs more time to affect the bacteria.
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Preview photo credit Salman Sidheek / Unsplash.com

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